You are not an operator!

Wannbe.  Strange ranger.  Mall ninja.  The product and training industry thrives on them.  But you really don’t want to be one.  The best advice I can give is to understand and be proud of your boring, ordinary life.  You are the envy of billions of people in the hell holes of the planet.  When you choose your training, choose someone with long-time bona fides in the military, LE or civilian training world, teaching civilians.   You want someone who, and this is important, does not rant in print or on YouTube.  The criteria is: has this person ever said something publicly that I wouldn’t want a jury to see or hear? It won’t be a problem until it is, but then it really is.

With that said, let me simply refer you to a couple posts that other have written on this subject.

  • Beware of the self proclaimed expert, by Wes Doss.  Wes exemplifies the professional trainer.  Key point: Many of these self-proclaimed tactical masters openly promote extremely violent training programs and equally violent responses to situations. In their own morality, they often encourage the swift and immediate use of deadly force to any and all conflicts, without regard to intent, the factors of the situation or the location of innocent bystanders. The world of reality today and the world of training…is one of deep public scrutiny. 
  • You are not an operator, by Caleb over at GunNuts.  Key points:  But we need to get over the notion that someone who has spent years kicking down doors is an expert on civilian concealed carry or home defense simply because they have combat experience.

Finally: I’ll hit this point often and hard: if you carry a gun for self-defense, you have to know the law. Invest the money you’d spend on shaving a tenth of a second off your splits with Andrew Branca’s book or seminars — it’ll pay far greater dividends. Visit this link to learn more, and use the discount code “streetstandards” for a 10% discount.


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