The Polish shooting secret

If you think of Jerry Miculek, and remember that Julie Golob’s maiden name is Goloski, you are probably asking yourself, “Just why is it that those Poles can shoot so well?”  I mean, sure, everyone knows that we Poles are intelligent, good-looking, and long-lived, but what is it that puts so many of our countrymen (even if a few generations removed from the old country) in the top ranks of shooters?

You might think it was something in the genes.  I did.  With a last name like Mroz (a common name in the homeland) I assumed that this shooting thing would be a natural for me.  Why, I’d be collecting the prize money, trophies, and envy of my friends within, well, months, if not days.

But sadly, and this came as quite a shock to me, it’s not genetic.  Turns out I could start on a string while Julie and Jerry grill a burger and have a relaxed beer before holstering up, and they’d still beat my time and score.  So just what is it that makes these, like me, intelligent, good-looking, and long-lived Poles, so good?

Well, as much as it hurts me to admit it, I have to tell you…and I can’t stress this enough…it’s because they cheat!  Really, they practice!  I mean, seriously????  They have to stoop that low?  Apparently.

I mean, anyone can shoot well if they practice.  Maybe not to their level, but better, and probably even well.

I dunno.  Seems like work to me.

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