The SIG 320 – doesn’t suck too bad!

I took delivery of the SIG 320 a little while ago (the 9mm “carry” version) and during the first few shots I discovered that the flesh of my trigger finger tip got caught between the end of the trigger and the top side of the bottom of the trigger guard as I was shooting.  Turns out that SIG has something called the “adverse trigger” that the factory can install.  Not sure where the term “adverse” comes from, but possibly from the fact that the “adverse” trigger fills that little hole in the frame just ahead of the upper end of the trigger (for adverse conditions — get it?).  With it installed I can still fell a little pinch when I place my finger on the trigger at rest, but during an afternoon of shooting I never once noticed it.  Problem solved.


Lots of reviews of the 320 out there, most all extremely positive.  Me too.  Nice trigger.  Really nice trigger!  I was worried a bit about the higher bore axis than my G19 and M&P, but I never noticed it.  Fit my hand (a dead average-size American hand) like a glove.  More important, it came into my hand from the holster with olive-oil (“buttery” is an over used adjective) smoothness and McDonald’s-like consistency.   I seemed to shoot it better than my other service-size pistols (which is damning it with faint praise), but whether that was due to the gun, the gun/me interaction, or just the Hawthorne effect, I don’t know.  Time will tell.

Gotta measure that trigger and see what the pull weight is.  By feel it’s getting close to what I’d consider the minimum for the street but above it, and a safe and responsible street trigger.

I was using a Blade-Tech Total Eclipse holster, which seems to be phasing out the regular Eclipse line at B-T.  There’s lots of excellent holster makers out there, and I’m friends with a few and friendly with many more.  The are a lot of great (seriously) options.  One has to standardize on something though, and I’ve been doing that with the Eclipse rigs since I went to a 1.75-inch belt for service-size pistols.  I picked the Ecplise because it is very close to the wonderful K-1 from FIST that was my favorite, but that Jim Murnak is no longer making (he makes many other fabulous holsters, though, and they are widely well-thought of amongst the cognoscenti). I was pleased and will stick with it, although I have a slight preference for the regular Eclipse (probably because I’m relatively slim).

I’m not convinced that AIWB, in a service-size pistol, is right for me, but I am experimenting.  For my G19 and M&P I have been using the excellent Access from phlster, and have only good things to say about it.  But as sort of a way to mix up — figuratively — blondes and brunettes, I will try one of the equally well-thought of (by the best shooters) AIWB holsters from Tony at JM Custom Kydex (actually for the last 30 years I’ve stuck with gray).  I have a hard time telling the differences between some of his models, so I’ll just describe my build, tell him to make me what I need and let him decide what’s best.

All in all, this is a sweet gun.  It’s basically a striker-fired version of the 250 but for some reason that gun never excited me.  Maybe my aurora and the 250’s chakras weren’t in alignment then.  How sweet is it?  Well, not “Oo-la-la, mon petit chou” sweet, but pit bull sweet.  Seriously, if you don’t know pitties, they are are extremely sweet dogs with people.  Here’s “Maloney”, one of ours:



Finally: I’ll hit this point often and hard: if you carry a gun for self-defense, you have to know the law. Invest the money you’d spend on shaving a tenth of a second off your splits with Andrew Branca’s book or seminars — it’ll pay far greater dividends. Visit this link to learn more, and use the discount code “streetstandards” for a 10% discount.


2 thoughts on “The SIG 320 – doesn’t suck too bad!

  1. Nice! Are you getting the Grey tune-up and putting the Conti sights on it, too? Let me know what the JM Custom rigs are like — I’m unfamiliar with them. Black Center Tactical has changed my mind a bit, too, after some experimentation and further research, when it comes to AIWB.

    Give those pitties a hug!

    cheers, m


  2. Hey, Marcus —

    Not planning to send the pistol to Bruce Gray now – the trigger is great as is and I don’t want to go lighter, and not sure if I’m good enough to benefit from the GrayGuns recoil rod and spring. I definitely intend to put one of Scott Conti’s rears (a U-notch version) on the gun, then find a front with the height I need and width that I want to zero at 25 (gun shoots high now at distance). Gotta wait for Scott to get a hardened/blacked one back from Bruce, though.

    Rumor is that the SIG 320 team website will be up soon. I think this gun’s gonna take off.

    I had intended to do an update once I had the supporting gear lined up and wrung out. For readers that are curious about what-all we’re discussing, visit Bruce Gray’s website – grayguns,com.


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