Now for something less controversial: pain relief with Egoscue

Now that I stirred the pot a bit in the previous post, something of general and non-controversial interest.

Not shooting related, but most shooters I know have some sort of pain that they’re dealing with.

I had read about The Egoscue (pronounced eh-gos’-cue) Method decades ago and remember thinking, “this isn’t hippy-dippy, mystical hocus-pocus; this makes sense”  Well, with Egoscue finally opening a Boston office I was able to give it a try and I am very impressed!

The Egoscue Method is named after founder Pete Egoscue (that’s a Basque surname), a Vietnam vet who was wounded and had a painful recovery.  He wound up figuring out how to heal himself as a result of that experience, and came to a different (at the time) understanding of how our bodies are meant to function.  A really good, concise overview of his approach is in this interview with him here.

One small example: I have had postural issues ever since adolescence, and chronic tension headaches for over a decade (despite my pretty darn stress-free life – for which I thank God!).  I’d tried everything for the headaches: analgesics (including Excedrin abuse, with the Barrett’s esophagus to show for it), regular chiropractic, muscle relaxants (not good: they make you clumsy), trigger-point injections, massage, and so on.  Finally, a simple, one-minute, no-effort Egoscue exercise dramatically reduced their incidence with one session!  This because it was based on correcting the underlying skeletal cause of the muscle tension. (Not all Egoscue exercises are that simple, though!)

Most Egoscue treatments involve a daily 20-40 minute routine of small exercises.  These “ecises” aren’t difficult or painful.  It was the kinking-up of my body during the months-long recovery from knee replacement surgery that caused me to start with Egoscue.  While most insurance won’t cover the treatments, I sure wish I’d been able to pay for these treatments 30 years ago!  I may have been able to avoid the degeneration of my knee, and not suffered from headaches for years.


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