Why Tom Givens is so hot now, and why it matters to you

I had know of Tom Givens for years, but didn’t really know much about him.  I knew that he was a former cop and PI who ran a school named “Rangemaster” in Memphis and hosted something called the “Polite Society Conference” every year, both of which were highly regarded by people that I respected, but we’d never met.  Then about 10 years ago he was one of the presenters at the “Snubby Summit” which was all about, you guessed it, the wonderment that is the snub-nose revolver.  Among all the snub aficionados and training luminaries there he came as the lone dissenter.  He gave a presentation about how the Glock 26 and 27 had it over the snubby in every way.  He is a soft-spoken, southern gentleman who nonetheless beat his subject to death, repeatedly, with logic, facts, and sound reasoning.  While he easily convinced me he also didn’t diminish my fondness for the little snubs, but I came away thinking that this guy was a the best trainer out there that no one knew about.

Fast forward several years and Tom and I wind up discussing the fact that he’s had (as of now) over 60 of his mostly ordinary middle-class white collar students involved in gunfights, with a record of all wins and three forfeits (these three students were  unarmed and were executed).  Here’s my post on that astonishing feat.

And here’s a new post over at Gun Nuts Media about one of Tom’s courses.  Watch the short videos there to get a flavor of Tom and his style,  Then go and take one of his courses.  He is at the top of the very short list of people I hope to get to sit at the feet of someday.

In a world of internet wonders and tactical celebrities, Tom is the real thing.


3 thoughts on “Why Tom Givens is so hot now, and why it matters to you

  1. What were Mr. Givens’s arguments against the snubby and in favor of the Glock 26/27? (I presume the Glock arguments could also be used for the compact M&Ps.) Is there, somewhere, a video of his presentation? Does he have a website? Inquiring minds want to know.
    (And I’ll still keep my J-frame.)


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