Competition vs street training: more, but with an assist from Larry Vickers

Now this is what I’m talking about! In a post below I noted that there’s considerable overlap between competition and street-orientated skills training with respect to developing shooting technique. I also noted that the most significant difference between the two was in tactics. In the video below Larry Vickers and K.C. Eucebio both go through the same “house clearing” IPSC stage. KC blasts thru it in lightning-fast time, while Vickers, showing how he’d do it in a real situation, correctly observes that “you can time me with a sun dial”.

There is much to learn here. Some critics have said that they thought Vickers was going slower than he really would have. Well, maybe a little (explained below) but the only place I saw him go needlessly slow was on the reload.

Vickers was moving at the correct speed (or very close to it) if it was a true clearing situation and he was alone. Of course, he and his former unit, as well as tac teams all across the country, can also move dynamic entry/clearing speed if they are working as a team…but that is still a slower speed than KC went thru the stage.

There is an in-between speed, and that’s the speed at which one person might clear if they had to get to a loved one that was in immediate danger. This in-between speed is slower than KC’s because KC was moving faster than he could assess what was happening in the “rooms” he entered – he was simply looking for targets.

Note also that Vickers wasn’t shooting fast – his splits seem to be closer to .4 seconds (see the “Are You Shooting Too Fast?” post below) than the half that that KC was shooting at.


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