More wisdom from Paul Howe

I recall seeing the Panteo videos of Paul Howe (Google him if you’re one of the few who doesn’t know who he is) going through his basic drills, and remarking to myself about how fundamental and achievable they were.  Well designed and utterly practical (and proven in the environments that our Teir 1 guys are assigned to), but rock simple.  That, like nothing else that I’d seen, drove home to me that real world skills are simple.  Executed at an extremely high level and practiced until they are flawless under extreme stress, but simple.

MSG Howe writes the occasional piece on his website and gives the occasional interview, and they are absolute treasure troves of practical information for the serious defensive shooter.  I recently came across the interview he gave to Wilson Combat, and there are more gems there.  Do read the whole thing, but a couple teasers below:

When in special ops, I probably learned 10-20% from each “World Class” Shooting Instructor class I attended.  It was not that I did not pay attention; it is that only certain things they taught applied to my training and missions.

This means I have to solve one problem at a time, discriminate and do it again and again.  Most speed drills do not support this thought process.  Problems we ran into over the years were that we taught people to shoot faster than they could discriminate and see.  This caused many problems with fratricide and friendly fire.  You see speed shooters don’t have to discriminate; they may only look for a “brown” target where I have to look at whole person and find both hands and then waist line.

Many times…trainers will bring in instructors that will help them personally shoot better for weekend matches and competitions vs. building a solid tactical program for their organization. 

If an IPSC or IDPA national champion cannot show me one stance that will work with a jungle rig, urban rig or low vis uniform, the information is not very useful to me. 

I shot IPSC for a couple of years and it helped with my draw, presentation, multiple shots and multiple targets.  It did not help me with use of cover, tactical movement, tactical thinking, discrimination, etc.  In the end, I moved to tactical training only.  My simple shooting systems needed to encompass all these aspect and not just one narrow bandwidth of shooting a pistol.  I cannot promote speed over safety or proper discrimination or proper use of cover.


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