Gross or fine skills? The relationship between stress and control, and how we train.

Point shoot or use the sights? Train gross motor skills or fine ones? Both really, and it’s not all that complicated.  Watch this video.



3 thoughts on “Gross or fine skills? The relationship between stress and control, and how we train.

  1. Hi Ralph. I agree. This is just my personal opinion based upon working this issue in the law enforcement community for about 33 years: there are too many personal biases and opinions not based upon fact but egos within the instructor community and trainers in the gun community. It all starts with the instructors understanding these issues and the troops will follow. Been there. In a conversation I had with with Col. Applegate, he nailed it when he said that there are too many people who have staked their reputations on teaching material for many years that is contrary to what you presented in your video. He further stated that changing their minds would call into question years of what they were professing. All the troops want is reality and methods that will work for them when the fight begins. It is the instructors obligation to provide them with the best and most validated information and training that is available. Once we keep that in mind without ego or personal bias, the safer everyone will be. Of course, this is my opinion and I only express it as such. I am glad you brought the video out. It should be viewed by anyone who is concerned with what they are doing in training. What I have always respected is your honest way of presenting material. Have a great day.
    Lou Chiodo


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