The handgun grip controversy solved…

…mo’ or less.

Your grip on the gun is, pretty much more than anything, going to determine your shootin’ goodness.  There’s two basic schools of thought.  One school says to grip the gun hard – real hard – so as to minimize the effects of flinch and to get the gun back on target quickly.  Another school advocates a firm , but not a crush, grip, believing that a crush grip isn’t necessary with flexed elbows and good mechanics.

Cops and survival shooters tend to favor the crush grip, while competitive shooters the latter.  One reason that competitive shooters are often of the firm-but-not-crush school is that a) they are really good shooters with excellent mechanics and fundamentals, and b) they shoot so darn many rounds that a crush grip will give them tendentious for sure and much more severe arm injuries almost as likely (just ask Bruce Gray who’s had God knows how many operations on his arm).

I’ve found that I just can’t make the firm-not-crush thing work for me at the modest level that I get out these days.  Thus, I was pleased as punch to discover this video of Mike Seeklander explaining his version of the proper grip, and sure enough it’s a crush grip.  Mike, of course, was a cop and SWAT guy as well as now being a top competitive shooter.  Also, he refers to Rob Leatham as another top shooter who advocates a crush grip.  Mike’s approach dovetails with my earlier (this year) discovery of the mechanics of why the crush grip helps me (see this earlier post).

In that video Mike refers to the Judy Chop as being integral to his acquisition of the grip.  The Judy Chop, of course, is the far superior version of the Karate Chop or the Ninja Chop (geeze, you should know this stuff, ya’ know?).  The Judy Chop is the one element of Mike’s grip acquisition that I can’t make work – it’s just not at all consistent for me.  I have to bring my cupped support hand to my strong hand in a natural instinctive motion — no doubt due to poor breeding and lack of myelination on my part.

So these days I am shooting with a crush grip but somewhat flexed elbows, because I can’t fully extend my arm into a shooting position…because of the arthritis in my shoulder (see my comments about poor breeding above).

You can do a lot worse than to follow Mike Seeklander’s advice and coaching.  He has some great books and DVDs available as well as a super YouTube channel.  Give him a try.



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