Look at me! I’m a tough guy!

When I retired out of law enforcement in 2010 I gave away every piece of even remotely tactical-looking clothing that I had.  I had some original Royal Robbins pants (the predecessor to 5.11) which were practically a rare collectors item…but they went too.  I even went to far as to give away my nice Columbia fishing shirts (just like the one in the picture) because they had epaulets.

fishging shirt

Ya think I went to extremes?  I have heard the argument that no one really notices tactical clothing (or PALs-laden tactical packs), which may be true.  But that armchair opinion entirely misses the point.  I’m not concerned with Joe and Mary average person.  What I don’t want are BGs, or even other cops, to notice me, and you can be sure that both of them do in fact notice target indicators like tactical clothing, etc.  (I make an exception for low-key cargo pockets on shorts because they are so common.)

There’s a place for tactical clothing, and that is on professionals who aren’t in uniform but have no need to hide the fact that they’re armed.  Detectives, security, contractors; it fills a real need there.

But there’s no reason to dress like a tough guy.  Some one may decide to see if you really are.




3 thoughts on “Look at me! I’m a tough guy!

  1. The thing about tactical clothing is that it allows you to carry lots of stuff. Military/LEOs, etc. need that capability. Us armed citizens need to carry a little less, conceal our weapons and maintain a low profile.
    My solution is Duluth Trading Company workingman’s vests. Lots of pockets, good concealment, many colors if you’re fashion conscious, light weight. If you want pants with lots of pockets they have those, too.
    I’ve been mistaken for a building contractor wearing mine, to the point that guys asked if I was hiring.
    They also sell reasonably priced blazers, again with multiple pockets.


  2. Duluth Trading is my solution also. Their blue jeans seem to last forever as do their work pants and cargo pants/shorts. Their steel toed work boots are weapons in themselves. Most of their clothing is available in XXXL sizes so one can hide things under them. And they are really comfortable.

    And since I have traded my squad for a tug boat, I really fit in.


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