Off body carry is not slow

“Off body carry is too slow” is the oft-heard refrain.  And it may be, but as stated, this is an unthinking repetition of something that someone once heard…somewhere.  Probably from some tactical celebrity on the net.

The critical-thinking approach to this is to reply, “In what context, and compared to what?”  Some third-grade arithmetic:

>> Roughly a second to draw from concealment compared to, say, 5 seconds from a bag.  Yup: off body carry is 5X slower.

>> But: roughly 5 seconds to draw from a bag compared to 20 minutes for SWAT to show up (if you’re lucky).  Wow!: off-body is 240X faster.

Now, I could argue (and have) that off-body carry is too slow, on average, for the usual citizen-involved episode of random street violence.  It’s a trade-off that must be weighed against not being able to reasonably carry at all, and a disadvantage that can be somewhat mitigated by tactics.  Ditto ankle carry.

But to say, as a blanket statement, off body carry is too slow?  Really?  Don’t you think that a gun in a CC bag would have been helpful in San Bernardino and Paris recently?  At least to get yourself to safety?

And for those of you that insist on lugging around a SBR, where to you carry it?


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