How to prepare for the 100 yard terrorist shot

I might have exaggerated a little with that title.

Marcus Wynne, apparently coming off a weekend bender of expresso, biscotti, and ogling lasses a generation or two younger than himself, has sent me yet another link to a piece about 100 yard shots, this time with NFA pistols.

Because, of course, terrorism.

See my previous post about this rather absurd subject.  But boyz n’ toyz, you know.  Only here the boyz are taking themselves seriously.

I can imagine a scenario where I need to use my gun for self-defense; that’s why I carry one.  I can imagine a scenario where I might need a 25-yard shot, but less so.  I can imagine one where I might need to make a 100 yard shot, and am able to, and have a clear path to, all during a chaotic terrorist incident, but really…?

Imagine is the right word.

Google your chances of being struck by lightning.  Then assess, from the available crime stats and your life style and situation, your realistic chances of needing to use your gun.  Then multiply that by some tiny number less than one to get to the necessity and ability of a 100 yard shot on a terrorist.  Jimmy the Greek odds: you’re going to die by lightning first.  Easy odds.

I make no specific preparation for, and have no specialized equipment to deal with, lightning strikes.  Unless you live on a very high place, I doubt you do either, and even then it’s probably not a life style altering set of preparations.  I simply rely on my general knowledge of how to deal with a lightning environment should I find myself in one.  It’s not like I haven’t thought about the problem, it’s that I don’t change change my life and become a gear queen to deal with the possibility.  Because it’s so damn small.

You have every right to schlep an SBR, folding AR, or NFA stocked pistol wherever you like, IMO.  But unless you have 1) real, actual tactical training from genuine LE or Mil SMEs (not internet celebrities) in dealing with these situations 2) the specific mission of dealing with them, and 3) a realistic likelihood of encountering them, you’re kind of a strange ranger, ya know?

And here the rest of us are trying to cement the respectability that gun owners have painfully obtained over these last few years.


3 thoughts on “How to prepare for the 100 yard terrorist shot

  1. LOL…I think you’ve had too much expresso today, Ralph…that’s why I stick to espresso instead. That expresso makes me want to run out and practice 100 yard headshots just to wind you up!

    Couple of brief points on a drive by posting:

    I think you knew I was on a federal work group back in the very early 90s when we looked at ways to extend the range of handguns. The specific context was a/c defense overseas, when you had guys/gals with pistols trying to defend a/c on the ground against guys with long guns in places like Karachi and Port Au Prince. In both of those places long gun attacks were focused on closing with and controlling the a/c on the ground. Us and some Israeli friends and some other folks experimented with, among other things, the full auto Glock pistol with a wire stock, the early version of the HK PDW, a Beretta with a wire stock, etc. While I’m fully aware that gear and technology has evolved quite a bit since those old and hoary days, a pistol remains a pistol firing a pistol cartridge with some increase in terminal efficiency if you run the barrel out a bit (which defeats the whole concealable thing) going against long guns or trying to extend the effective range of the pistol. It’s kind of the classic and widely criticized “American Response” in some circles of trying to find a technology/gear fix for a training/tactical/thinking issue. As a hunter, the tactic of “get closer if you can, and get more stable if you can” remains validated in big game hunting of both the four-legged and two-legged variety. The best option (at the time) was the HK PDW with a low power optic and a suppressor option, with a very nice folding stock. Very James Bond-ish with a briefcase to match, though being Old School I wanted a suppressed Cobray .380 ala Mitch Werbell, LOL…

    I think, in the context of the “terror threat” consideration of longer distance shots is a valid concern but not the highest priority. The whole idea of “training to shoot at 100 yards with a pistol” kinda leaves out the more important pieces (IMHO) of thinking through why are you taking that shot, is it necessary, is it the best option, what are the capabilities of the person you’re shooting at to return fire more effectively, can you get closer, can you get more stable (i.e. prone instead of John Wayne-ing it standing…do the young people even know who John Wayne was, pilgrim?) etc. etc.

    Claude has mentioned his own personal paradigm shift, focusing from the importance of manipulation to the software piece as meeting the needs of the defensive lawful hand gunner — I think it’s important in the context of the perception of increased threat of terror/active shooter attacks that responsible gun owners consider the mental software/training/tactical piece which is not as sexy as the latest gear or burning huge amounts of ammo at the range, but surely of more value in the real world. There’s some very good lessons to be learned from looking at places that have dealt with the issue Americans seem to be waking up to (Israel, review Gene Sockhut’s book about tactics and gunfighting against the terror threat, also pretty much anything the South Africans and Rhodes have to contribute…the South African Police and the armed civilians there have a lot of very practical experience in dealing with this kind of stuff. One course I taught down there had a young man of 22 in it…he’d been in (and won, by the way) a gunfight (defined as one or more guys with guns exchanging gunfire with him, not straight up shootings) for every year of his life. He added a lot of value to the class and honored me by coming back and sharing his further successes (anecdotal data, however) utilizing some of the performance enhancement techniques he’d learned for improving his fighting. Good guy.

    Anyway, that’s my morning ramble. I’m going to go try some of that Expresso stuff, as it sure seems to wake up the brain cells better than my espresso!

    As always, just my opinions above…

    cheers, m


  2. Thinking…tactics…WTF you talking about? Dude, go buy expensive gear and blow ammo thru it. Wasthematterwithyou?

    Seriously, thanks. Other, more violent parts of the world, have already figured out much of this, and the usually un-pretty answer isn’t usually gear. (I learned that from you!)


  3. What’s your opinion on the “trunk gun” question, specifically on the idea of deploying it to take the fight to an active shooter?
    If you’ve already written about it, please direct me to it. Inquiring minds, you know.


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