Cheating in training is OK

Sort of.  It depends how you’re cheating.  Some can help you and some can hurt you.  See the goofball below for details and a crackpot theory.


3 thoughts on “Cheating in training is OK

  1. Hi Ralph. That was an outstanding analysis of reality. The first part about platform (stance) is dead on. There are also physical reasons why arms may not completely lock out due to injury, muscular make up etc. The point is making it work out for the individual. As much as I loved trying for complete lock out, I found while in my duty uniform, vest and when an outer jacket was worn, it was almost impossible. So, you learn to work with it. Again, great points in that segment.

    As to your points about glasses, I face it everyday since I am in trifocals now. This is what I have found with a great deal of training time and experimentation with myself and others have shown. The vast majority of defensive combat shootings are within the 5 yard line. This is at a distance that is well within the realm of where “Target-Focused Shooting” can be highly effective and combat accurate. So I have done experimentation with and without glasses. I have found zero difference in performance at those ranges. Visual acuity isn’t an issue when there is target focus at those close ranges. You have done a great job of explaining the repetitive placement of the handgun when using glasses to allow for visibility of the sight system. I have found that even when looking through the top, distant, portion of my trifocals, I can still manage enough acuity to deliver combat accuracy even though it isn’t perfect – welcome to the real world.

    Thanks for putting this info out. It is truthful and relevant to combat shooting and getting the maximum from our training time and equipment.

    Lou Chiodo
    Gunfighters Ltd.


  2. Thanks, Lou. Yes, inside 5-7 yards sights aren’t necessary for most street shots (thank God for us old people!). In fact, as you know, target focus is faster than sighted shots. Even competitive shooters will target-focus shoot at that distance. I also suspect, but haven’t tested, that you are more accurate on moving targets at those distances with a target focus because you won’t try and snatch the shot.

    But I still believe that target focused shooting requires some practice – it’s not completely intuitive to a shooter that’s never done it – which is why I preach that both methods of sighting should be practiced.

    And yeah, I should wear trifocals myself, but I just can’t get used to them; I juggle three pairs of spectacles instead!


  3. Hi Ralph. I agree. ALL psycho-motor skill activities need to be practiced. I will also add that “Target-Focused Shooting needs to be TAUGHT properly. My experience based upon teaching it to thousands of people is that when done properly, it isn’t hard for people. I have done a number of in-house studies of people , mostly females, who never handled a firearm and start them immediately into Target -Focused Shooting. Again , when taught properly they take to it like bees to honey. In fact, when I revamped my department training program, the first method taught at the academy was Target-Focused Shooting for close range shooting and then at a point in training introduce precision/sighted shooting. The results were far superior to how it was when I first started out. As to moving targets, I use a combination of Target- Focus Shooting with airsoft and human “targets” and it really pays off. Just a few thoughts and of course my opinion.


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