Stop taking gun courses!

Tom Givens, the 40-year overnight success at Rangemaster in Memphis, publishes a monthly newsletter which is pure gold, and it’s free to download.  The latest edition has some great advice on selecting your hardware…and them moving on!  Here’s an excerpt, but go on over and read the whole thing.
  1. Buy a Glock, an M&P, a SIG, or an H&K, make sure it runs reliably, and carry it religiously. [I’d add a few other guns, including revolvers – RM]
  2. Find modern expanding ammunition from Winchester, Speer or Federal [I’d add CorBon – RM] that works 100% in your chosen handgun…
  3. Buy a high quality holster… and a good belt designed to carry the weight of a handgun.
  4. Take two or three quality defensive handgun courses from instructors who understand the realities of private citizen self defense (not military Spec Ops or SWAT). Practice the skills you learn there.
  5. Once this is done, concentrate on the mental side of the equation.

I agree with the whole thing.  I bolded steps 4 and 5 in Tom’s process because these are the places where so many people go so wrong.  Taking yet another course from some bald guy with a goatee will make you less  able to defend yourself than working on your software will.  For that (software) there’s nothing like airsoft, simunitions or even blue gun scenario training, which is all but free.

(OTOH, if you’ve never taken a quality defensive handgun course, then, while you certainly have the right to, please do not carry your gun in public.  At least not around me.)


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