My 4 principles

Over the years of analyzing, writing about, and criticizing both LE and civilian training, and on a few occasions being the little boy crying “But the emperor’s naked!”, I keep coming back to 4 principles that are at the core of those efforts (they can’t properly be called skills!).

  1. All tactics, techniques and equipment are trade-offs.  You almost never have a “pro” without a “con”, and proper discussion revolves, not around a, or a set of, pros nor cons, but around the trade-offs inherent in them and when they are appropriate and when not.
  2. The zombie fallacy.  You can always paint yourself into a corner that you can’t get out of, or can’t get out of without <fill in a technique, tactic, or piece of equipment here>.  That doesn’t mean that they are generally intelligent things to pursue.  Example: two back up guns and 60 rounds in spare mags.
  3. KISS, or Keep it Stupidly Simple.  We all get stupid under stress.  All of us.
  4. Mroz’s Law.  I loathe naming things after oneself, but I did it in this case quite some time ago and so I’m stuck with it.  It was originally meant to refer to martial-arts/combatives technique, but it’s parallel to firearms should be obvious.  Anything will work at 1/2 speed and 1/2 power, most things will work at 3/4 speed and power, a surprising number of things will work at 7/8 power and speed, but almost nothing works at full power and full speed.

One thought on “My 4 principles

  1. Ralph thank you for the Street Standard. Great information with a little self depricating humor. I love it!
    Years ago I watched one of the DVDs you were in and learned your KISS principle. That was worth its weight in gold. Unfortunatly ideas weigh nothing so…….but it has been something I have used often in training, practicing, and teaching.
    Thank you so much and keep up the good work. It is appreciated!


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