When to ignore good advice

There’s two aphorisms that you’ll run across a lot in firearms training (responsible training, at least).  Both are extremely good advice, and should be followed…as much as possible.  But you sometimes can’t avoid exceptions.

  1. Most trouble can be avoided by avoiding stupid people, not doing stupid things, or going stupid places.  Yes, but sometimes we simply have to endure stupid people, and sometimes our responsibilities take us stupid places.  But doing stupid things can always be avoided.
    • Corollary : Alcohol and guns don’t mix, and really, alcohol is best consumed only in a private setting.
  2. If you wouldn’t go there without a gun, don’t go there with one (that is, don’t go at all).  Excellent advice most of the time.  But again, sometimes our responsibilities will simply take us dangerous places.

I really love these two by no homey pieces of advice; if I have to violate them I ask myself – hard – if I really, really, need to.

Take them to heart.


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