Open carry – really, for jackasses, part 2

A post below criticizing open carry as being for jackasses garnered the expected backy-juice-drooling comments.  But a recent post by Bob Owens points out the stupidity of the practice from the angle that I described (how easy it is for your gun to be taken, and how attractive that option is to even the slowest BG).

Now, I have a considerable beef with Mr.Owens, having severely criticized one of his beyond-stupid public editorials.  But credit where credit is due; he hits the nail on the head with this one.

I won’t repeat his arguments here (go read them yourself), but for anyone considering open carry, here’s a little check list that you might consider.  (And we aren’t even going to consider here the elephant in the room: how easy it is, in most normal environments, no matter what your awareness level, for a BG to get behind you and crack you in the head with a hard object.  He doesn’t have to kill you or even knock you unconscious; all he has to do is render you incapable of mounting an effective defense for a couple seconds.  I do not exaggerate:  a five-year old could do it.)

  1. Is there anything in your training or experience that lets you know for certain that you have a good level of constant environmental awareness?  Most people don’t, and it does take training or specific experience in today’s culture to achieve it.
  2. Do you use a security holster?
  3. Do you have a good skill set in unarmed combatives, including some ground-fighting skills?

I can answer “yes” to all three questions and I consider open carry to be too dangerous.  If you can’t, then assuming you are an open carry advocate, what the hell is the matter with you?

On the other hand, I just thought of one good argument for open carry.

The gene pool needs culling.


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