This stress stuff is b***s***!

Lots of people seem to believe that because they can do something on the range or in competition, they can do it on the street.  Not necessarily.

Now, before I get comments saying that I talk reallyreallyfast, I know already!  Focus a little and listen faster!


3 thoughts on “This stress stuff is b***s***!

  1. Hi Ralph. Outstanding explanation. I have been there with having to bring this issue forward and I agree, it is difficult for people who have not experience a level of violence directed at them to really understand the concepts. So, you asked for some solution. Here is what I have done in programs and I will report that it works about as good as it can without actually getting someone in a combat shooting. The concepts need to be discussed in a more of a class room environment so at least they hear it. Then, and this MUST be done, they need to be put into scenario based training and train at reL speed and see how a spontaneous attack initiated by someone else when not expected affects the application of their training. Invariably, I see most standard, conventional training ( breath, relax, aim, slack, squeeze and a compressed surprised break with sight alignment go right out the window. Sure with appropriate distance, cover and more control over one’s mind and physiology , greater application of conventional training has a place but if someone doesn’t “feel” what a spontaneous attack is like, they will never fully understand where “Target-Focused Shooting fits in and how it works in conjunction with what really happens. Of course this is my opinion but based upon reality not fantasy.


  2. Thanks, Lou. Yes, we keep coming back to scenario-based training, don’t we? I mean, is there any other serious endeavor where scenario-based training isn’t employed? Pilots, Mil SpecOps, business, you name it…they all got the memo.

    Honestly, this is how I can tell the difference between serious fighters and plinkers (by which I mean all range-only shooters): do they do scenario training? Even blue-gun based, not even air-soft or Sims based is hugely helpful (but PLEASE, no “unloaded” actual gun-based scenarios!).


  3. Hi Ralph. You are so right about the other serious endeavors using scenario based training. They understand that you need to drill in responses in a realistic way – real time and real speed to see what works , how it works and equally important – what DOES NOT work. I can speak of the way we trained in the Marine Corps where we ran everything from fire team , squad, platoon and company scenario training. We would have an opposition force working against us so that there was no misconception of how things work and how it feels to be in the environment where it will be used. This training WORKS. Thanks for bringing this issue forward. It is so important.


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