Silly shit – a partial list

Major projects will keep me busy for some time, so last post for a while (prolly).  Was maybe going to make each of these silly shit things a post in itself, but…what the hell.  Feel free to agree, disagree, and/or add to the list.  Hardly extensive, just a list I came up with on the fly one day.

Velcro is too loud  Because self defense is all about sneaking up on someone and going all ninja on ’em.

Shiny knives will give you away  Ditto.

Tactical clothing on regular people, including tactical-looking ball caps  Because I definitely want everyone to know what a bad ass I am, and draw the attention of the BGs in a situation.  Much hair on my chest!

Tactical bags in non-tac environments  Ditto.

Other target indicators – patches, car stickers/decals, etc.  Ditto, ditto.

Carrying a BOB everywhere  If you’re not in an environment where you might have to vamoose pronto – wildfire country, maybe, or tornado country – you got some ‘splaining to do  as yo why you even need a BOB (most emergencies come with a warning).

Urban E&E bags  There are stores in urban environments, you know.  Just take what you need.

Planning, spending on, and stocking for TEOTWAWKI  We are in for a long constant gray decline and need to know how to live in a much less prosperous times, but a Mad Max world isn’t coming in our, or our kids’, lifetimes.  And certainly not suddenly.

Where’s the fire extinguisher?  I know you got a bunch o’ guns, but how about one of these?  On every story and in your car.

Do you know CPR; first aid?; empty hand skills?  To repeat: know you got a bunch o’ guns..

Do you exercise, eat right, have your weight under control, don’t smoke, etc?  Ditto.  Remember: you can’t save your life, you can only prolong it.  There are the items first on that triage list.

Yaqui Slide holsters for concealed carry  I’m not going to explain this and simply leave it as a Rorschach Test of concealed carry knowledge.



4 thoughts on “Silly shit – a partial list

  1. I’m glad you brought up Yaqui slides.
    Many years ago, back in the revolver days, when I was a young agent, I bought a Yaqui slide holster. It’d be great! One holster for my 4-inch or my 2.5-inch Model 66! All the gunwriters were extolling its virtues! (Of course, its main virtue was its supposed inconspicuousness when it was empty and exposed; allegedly, large numbers of the public wouldn’t notice it on your belt!)
    I found out something very interesting: You can’t stay totally concealed 100% of the time, but most people won’t notice the tip of a black leather holster sticking out from the bottom of your jacket. But they will ALWAYS notice a gun barrel. (I tried it with blued guns, too. It made no difference.)
    That was over 30 years ago, and I’ve never since worn a holster that didn’t cover the pistol all the way to the muzzle.

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    • Old timer? Why, you whippersnapper, I’ll–what was I saying again?
      I never had one eject a gun, but that’s probably because the (non)concealment problems made me dump the thing almost immediately.

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