To intervene or not?

From an earlier column at American Handgunner, a discussion of whether we should come to the aid of an innocent third party, with both sides explored.  Controversial and difficult.


2 thoughts on “To intervene or not?

  1. What about the legal jeopardy that attaches to intervening in someone else’s fight, especially that of a stranger? What if it’s not what you think it is? What if the presumed aggressor is a plainclothes police officer making an arrest on a noncompliant subject? (When I was a Federal agent, we almost expected to have the police called on us for kidnapping whenever we made a street arrest. It happened more times than I can count.)
    And can you lawfully intervene in a duty-to-retreat state?
    That’s a lot of what-ifs, but what-ifs are what keep lawyers so well fed.


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