The two most common holster mistakes

that even long-time shooters make.  Another vid lift over from an old project.



3 thoughts on “The two most common holster mistakes

    • I could use advice. I do shoot with an HD camera, in mp4 format. I use MovieMaker to edit, and then save (render) the file “for YouTube” in the MovieMaker settings. What can I do better?


  1. This video is excellent.
    I carried concealed exclusively throughout a 30+-year career and I can attest that all the information in it is true and useful. In fact, I did most of what’s in there back in the 70s; it even works with those ancient wheely guns. .
    I particularly like the idea of testing the proper holster cant by sweeping a safe gun around belt to find the natural draw angle. It’s why I carried an FBI cant holster at 4 o’clock.
    I like 3-slot holsters like the Galco COP for their versatility; you can carry FBI cant at 4 o’clock or straight-up (zero cant) at 3 o’clock.
    Of course, this will all be lost on the Cool Kids who all carry AIWB, but it’s useful to us old farts, and to anyone who tucks in his shirt once in a while.


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