How to murder someone with your challenge position

Almost everyone will challenge a suspect in a way that sets them up for prison.


Update:  The short article I wrote for American Cop a couple years ago on the related subject of ready and challenge positions can still be found here.  A 4000 word, much more detailed, footnoted, written version of the argument I make in the video above is here.


3 thoughts on “How to murder someone with your challenge position

  1. Massad Ayoob makes an additional point about gunpoint situations, in that when you aim your own firearm directly at the suspect’s upper chest, your gun and your hands/arms will obstruct your view of the suspect’s waistline, pockets, and any weapons that may be in those areas, as well as obstructing your view of the suspect’s hands(unless he’s been ordered to raise them above shoulder level).

    That being the case, Mas also recommends aiming at the suspect’s pelvic area as a challenge position, not only for the unobstructed view of the suspect’s waistline and hands, but also because he’s found that aiming for the groin tends to be quite effective in causing intimidation and compliance in male suspects…


  2. The long-time conventional – and valid – reason not to aim at the chest is so as to see the suspect’s hands better. While valid, I think it’s less important than many given that you have binocular vision and the distances are likely to be close (do the geometry) — that’s been my experience anyway.

    As to aiming at the groin, I do remember Mas reaching this back in the early 80s. I don’t know if he still does. If so it would be one of the extremely rare instances in which I respectfully – very, very respectfully – disagree with him. I’ve said many times that half of what we take for granted now in civilian and LE firearms training is stuff that he pioneered back in the 70s and took an awful lot of arrows in the back for.

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