The “no one will recognize your tactical clothing/pack/gun print” fallacy

I’ve written a bunch of reviews over the years of what we’d call tactical clothing and “tactical” packs (you know – the ones with the PALS all over them).  Because I am interested in like these products.  But tac clothing is, to say it again, not plain clothes attire or even discreet clothing; it is professional, non-uniform, clothing for armed professionals who don’t mind being known as armed professionals.  The Secret Service, DSS, on-duty detectives, etc.  Ditto for the PALS-engulfed packs.  They work great in that role.

But they are wrong – indeed they suck – for concealed carry or any role in which you do not want to be ID’d as armed.

Now the argument that I’ve heard a million times is “no one really knows that these clothes/packs are optimized for carrying guns/tac kit/strange-ranger chachkies/etc. – I’ve seen lots of people wearing/carrying them and no one even gave them a second glance.”  Which is undoubtedly true…only because you spend all you time at the local latte joint, not in an actual dangerous environment.  I’m not concerned what Sally Housewife, Andy Accountant, Polly Programmer, or Paul the Plummer notices.  I’m concerned with what real BGs think – and they do most certainly pick up on these things.  I’m also concerned about what the indigenous polizia think, because being armed – or just half-way capable – is my business, and mine alone.

Same argument for gun printing.  Sure it might be assumed to be a cell phone by the sheep, but it’s the wolves I’m concerned about.

It’s the wolves you are concerned about!


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