Urban Combatives – Lee Morrison

Been out of the empty-hands thing for several years now due to ageing, injuries and disease (arthritis).  This bloke, Lee Morrison and his Urban Combatives, has been around for some time although I’m just starting to read/view him.  He makes a lot of sense, and he looks very good (by which I mean extremely practical).  Check out his website and look him up on YouTube (although if you don’t have a background in empty hands you won’t appreciate what you’re seeing).  Here’s, for me, the money quote from his website:

The physical side of the equation is pretty simple – just develop 2 or 3 effective strikes that you can hit hard with and that work well for you. Drill them until you reach a level of unconscious competence. This comes by practicing the said strike(s) for several thousand reps on the heavy bag until they become a part of you… Everything else that you look at and practice are contingency plans for that. So the idea is not to accumulate techniques; just find something workable for you.


One thought on “Urban Combatives – Lee Morrison

  1. From Marcus Wynne:

    I know that guy. http://www.urbancombatives.com/marcus.htm

    Also see Black Belt Magazines “Top Ten Toughest Fighters In The World.” Lee’s listed there, along with a number of other folks I’ve worked or met with or corresponded with like Den Martin, John Skillen, John Brawn, Terry O’Neill, Peter Consterdine, Loren Christensen, etc. etc. Great guys all.

    Lee is a force of nature on the street or in the gym. Fiercesome, and a great study subject for state access (i.e. Flipping the switch on demand)


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