Revolver vs self-loader, Oprah and Bill Buckley

Of the well over 700 articles I’ve published since 1994, probably the one that has been most viewed, reprinted, linked to, and commented on is the one I wrote over a decade ago for Combat Handguns titled “25 Reasons Revolver Beats Auto”  Those 25 reasons were a list created by the Buddha of Belly Guns, the Sifu of the Snubby, the Raja of the Revolver, and a host of other titles – some of which are complimentary 🙂  ,  Michael deBethencourt.  Truth be told, Michael is a friend and probably the world’s largest human repository of knowledge and arcana relating to the snub-nose revolver.  His 25 reasons is mostly serious and partly said with a wink.

Here’s a link to that article on Michael’s website.

But boy howdy!  Subtlety and fun talking to the gunner crowd, especially about this religious subject?  You’d think Michael had insulted Barack Obama in Chicago.  And me – the poor scribe, lil’ ol’ me – I got the heat of the flame throwers, too!  I was called a foul stinky blotch on mankind, and some bad things too.

But what really disappoints – I won’t say surprises – me is the fact that this article about a rather mundane and somewhat silly subject is my most popular.  Over on YouTube, a fella what goes by “the Ol1911” read – READ – the article to a basically STATIC screen, for OVER ELEVEN minutes…and he’s got almost a MILLION VIEWS now…and nearly 2000 COMMENTS!  I’m flattered (and I’m sure Micheal is too), but that kind of attention on such a silly subject?  To be honest with ya all, that just don’t seem right.

In contrast, what I think is the most important YouTube video that I’ve made – here – has received to date only 140 views.

So yeah, Oprah gets the yuge numbers and Bill Buckley, if he were still alive and filming Firing Line, would be on at midnight between the infomercials.


One thought on “Revolver vs self-loader, Oprah and Bill Buckley

  1. I have studied what “makes a big splash” on YouTube and let me tell you, I found it isn’t always what is useful, or makes sense.

    Case in point, go to YT and do a search for gun safety,,,, you will most likely end up with single digit entries. The type a search for some tactical gibberish and you will get 17,000 choices.

    I like both wheelguns & semis…. 99% of the time you will find a wheelgun on my side.

    You gotta train & have confidence with whatever you choose to carry.


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