The answers to everything

The answers to the 10 most commonly asked questions about defensive handguns

1)  It doesn’t matter.  They all perform adequately, and they all suck compared to a rifle.  But really, 9mm.

2)   Glock

3)  6-8 pounds.  5 pounds is too light for the street, although it’s OK for matches.

4)  Only a good gunsmith, and that’s not your friend in his basement.

4a)  Parts changers are not gunsmiths (but they can swap out parts).

5)  5 inches at 25 yards max.

6)   Contact distance to 25 yards regularly, out to 100 on gongs and pepper-poppers occasionally.

7)  An 8-inch circle at whatever speed you can master.

8)  It’s an expert’s gun.  Jeff Cooper was an expert, so he could carry it.  Are you?

9)  Yes, you need training.

10)  Yes, you absolutely must know the law.


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