From the bluest part of the bluest state in the union: we are winning

I saw a map of congressional districts the other day (post election) and I believe that my home state of Massachusetts is the only state in the union without at least one red district.  That makes Mass the bluest state in the union (maybe HI, too – I can’t recall).  Now, I don’t just live in Massachusetts, I live in the most left-wing part of Massachusetts (not Boston).  (In my defense, I was born here, have ties here, and it really is beautiful here if you like the outdoors.)

Anyway: who cares?

Well, as you know, we seem to be winning the war on guns right now…yet the culture is incontrovertibly moving leftward.   I don’t know why we are, to be frank, but lately I’ve had three pretty-to-very left-wing local people approach me asking for instruction in guns.  The reason: self-protection.  The kicker: crime is very low here.

Somethin’ goin’ on…


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