“Why I am Not a Gentlemen”

There’s this hour before bed when I’m done with TV and too tired to do anything intelligent, so I mostly surf.  Been reading a bunch of men’s style blogs and websites lately (none of your damn business, but short answer: I’d like to dress a little less like a schlub).  Turns out there are a number of them run by masculine men who carry concealed (and have tips on doing that stylishly).  This guy, Tanner Guzy, one of them, has a rant that will set you to cheering and put into words a few things that you probably already feel.  His description of real men vs. what we too often today call “gentlemen” is is apt to too many gun geeks as well.  Seven minutes:


One thought on ““Why I am Not a Gentlemen”

  1. Interesting, but . . . I’m not cheering. I also miss the point equating this argument with conceal carry.

    Gentleman: a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.

    Also, a man of noble birth.
    Also, a man belonging to the landed gentry.

    That’s how I’ve always looked at it and how it’s been defined when I learned it and when I read it today. Me? I add emphasis on the honor bit.

    “Gentleman” does not speak to anything this guy is talking about, especially not morality so I’m not sure what he’s ranting about. Perhaps it’s something to do with people who are younger than I am, but that’s more an indication of not knowing what the word means . . . like the guy in the video.

    He defines its modern definition but it’s at odds with dictionaries and accepted usage (although it’s not universal) but he just plain makes up his “historical” meaning, assigning attributes that I’ve never heard or read anywhere in any literature. And again, morality does not come into play.

    Perhaps he’s saying that being chivalrous, courteous, or honorable is for wimps. Perhaps he’s saying that being honorable does not make you moral. Perhaps he’s just making excuses for himself.

    For reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gentleman


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