El Bobo’s advice for all you instructors out there

Our friend, Michael deBethencourt, likes to refer to himself in his classes as “el Bobo” (the fool).  Because he takes himself as unseriously as he takes seriously the material he teaches (which is a whole heap-load).   And el Bobo has some of the greatest advice I’ve ever heard for other instructors.

He asks them, “Do you have a whole lot of books and videos on firearms (or whatever  they teach)?”  They of course respond in the affirmative.  He then asks, “How many books and videos do you have on business?”

Like a hog lookin’ at a wristwatch, they are.

If you teach for money, then you are in business.  You have to run that business effectively if you are to succeed.  Most firearms instructors don’t, and one major reason is because they are unskilled at business.  Which there’s no excuse for.  After all, there’s hardly a shortage of books, videos, and websites on how to run a business.

The related thing I like to ask is, “What have you studied or done to make yourself a better teacher?”  Because if I’m attending your course I don’t give a damn what you know or how skilled you are.  I do, on the other hand, care a lot about what you can communicate to me.  Most non-big-name “instructors” I’ve seen, and even one or two of the big names, are piss-poor teachers and communicators.  Their value to you, their students, is therefore close to nil, regardless of their accomplishments, backgrounds, or skill level.


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