My Paladin Press books available now for free download

Over a decade ago I published two books with Paladin Press consisting of articles I’d written, some original material, and some guest-written chapters.  The themes of both were the two themes I had written about for years prior: 1) the necessity of integrating empty-hand training with firearms training, and 2) the necessity of force-on-force simulation training — both for both cops and civilians. I am pleased that much of what I advocated strongly for then is now accepted wisdom and part of good / advanced training.  And I’m not so pleased that I (and many other like-minded trainers) had so little impact on the plethora of low-end instructors.  Oh, well.

Paladin Press at that time had gone from being the first amendment poster child, to being the first amendment poster child and a valuable publisher of, for a better word, “tactical” subjects.  The people I worked with there – mostly Michael Janich and Jon Ford – were real professionals and a pleasure to associate with.

Since they have recently closed their doors, I’m taking the lead of several other Paladin r authors and posting free .pdf downloads of my books.  Just click on the images below to open or download them.

Tactical Defensive Training for Real-Life Encounters cover-page-001

Defensive Shooting for Real-Life Encounters cover-page-001

15 thoughts on “My Paladin Press books available now for free download

  1. Outstanding! A Generous Kindness. It’s hard to find publishers for tactical topics . . . Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.


  2. Thank you for making these available. Have read your occasional articles in American Handgunner, and you are always challenging “what everybody knows”


  3. Already own both books in hard opt format, but will still download both for airplane reading material. Both provide valuable insights that are never out of date. Thank-you sir.


  4. Many thanks, sir. I have these in hard copy already, but have sent the link to my brother and others who will find them of interest.


  5. Hi Ralph, I hope all is well. I have had the same intention about offering my book free via my w bite. I don’t have a clue about how to add it. I have WordPress via my website. Any words of wisdom about getting it done? Paladin sent me the files. Any help would be appreciated.


  6. Thank you for making your books available for free download. Although I am retired from the LE field, I still appreciate reading about new firearm techniques and training.


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