About this blog

This blog is mostly a repository of the thoughts I’ve had on the subject of self-defense training over the last couple decades…at least the thoughts that I thought might have some relevance for a little while.  Occasionally I add a post if something new occurs to me.

Your author is Ralph Mroz. I’ve been training in the self-defense disciplines for some time, writing about them for the major firearms and law enforcement  magazines since 1994, and even teaching them a bit at international law enforcement conferences.  I am the principal presenter in many of the Armed Response DVDs, and many of the video programs of the Police Officers Safety Association (I have no association with nor financial interest in either today).  My Paladin Press books are still, I think, largely  relevant and now free downloads here.  A position as a writer afforded me the opportunity to meet, train with, and pick the brains of many of the top people in the field.

I am concerned only with the self defense aspect of defensive training.  Although I’m concerned with all aspects of defense – security, unarmed, intermediate weapons, vehicle driving, etc.  – this blog focuses mostly on firearms and firearms training.  I am particularly concerned with evidence-based approaches, or lacking them, thoughtful, contextualized, rational analyses of the problems.

While I still find the techniques and training methods of these disciplines to be a continuing fascination, I do not have such a passion for them that they have taken over my life; I am always focused on the 20% of effort that will yield 80% of the results.  I am not interested in “better and faster” unless it has some reasonable chance of being needed in a citizen self-defense situation.  My skills in these fields are but average – no false modesty, more so in these latter years as the practice of them gets a little boring and physical limitations set in.

My undergraduate education was in engineering and my professional background is in high-tech product marketing and management consulting.  I also spent 20 years, part-time, as a police officer, the last seven of which were on my county’s drug task force.  My data-driven/reason-based approach derives from my technical background, and while I never had to shoot anyone in the line of duty, I like to think that the times I had to impose my will at gunpoint on a chaotic, dangerous, volatile situation has given me some insight into the dynamics at play in them.

8 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Dear Ralph:
    I’m the lieutenant of Taiwan Police College. I read your article [Eleven Firearms-related Skills Which Most Cops Don’t Practice (but Really Should)] in the P&SN website. The content of this article is very practice and adapted for the students in my college. And I hope this useful and great article could let more students who will be the police in Taiwan can know more information about what they should prepare. Could I translate the article to Chinese and publish in the school publication or on the website(i.e. FB)? (I will mark your name and Internet site for students to find the author and source website of this article ). Waiting for your good news. Thanks you for sharing the professional knowledge again.


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