Recommended resources

American Handgunner — This is my in-print home these days.  Everything related to handguns, with a professional and humorous approach.  Editor Roy Huntington is a retired cop, long-time industry professional, and genuine gun aficionado.  His “let’s have fun but no-bullshit” attitude permeates the  magazine.

Atty. Andrew Branca — Atty. Branca’s book “The Law of Self-Defense” is the bible on the subject and his seminars and on-line courses are pure gold.  Every gun owner absolutely needs to know this material!

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network — This is the right model for self-defense insurance – there’s lots of not good models which border on scams.  Run by good people.

Bobby Macs — Bobby is a specialist — he makes holsters only for revolvers, and he makes them absolutely right.  If you carry a revolver, you’ll be amazed at his designs.

Crimson Trace LaserGrips — Lasers have lots of positives and no real negatives.  CTI’s are the only correctly-designed ones.

FIST – The classic and unbeatable FIST suit for empty-hands full-force training, and absolutely great innovative holsters in both leather and kydex.

Greg Ellifritz — LEO and master instructor, Greg is one of the guys on our field pushing the envelope in terms of: practical training for regular people, understanding what really happens in fights, and debunking naked emperors.

Hock Hochheim — Hock is that rare bird: a former cop, totally passionate about teaching the combative arts, with a stunning encyclopaedic knowledge of them and a skill set to match.  A gentleman on the outside, his heart is figuratively on fire with this passion.

Karl Sokol — If you need actual gunsmithing done on your gun — not just parts changing, but actual metal cutting, and especially if you trust your life to your gun — then Karl is one of the few gunsmiths you can trust.  He also does great work on guns that many others won’t touch, (and of the few that do, most shouldn’t).

John Lott — This is the go-to place for gun and gun violence-related statistical analysis.  Almost all of the time the data is on our side; Dr. Lott is the guy who debunks the distortions of the other guys.  Lefties hate him.

Lou Chiodo  — Lou brought a gun-fighting mentality and Applegate-style target-focused shooting to one of the largest state police agencies in the country, and racked up the results.  An intense, serious man totally dedicated to saving good guys’ lives.

Massad Ayoob — Half of what we take for granted in firearms doctrine and instruction now, Mas pioneered decades ago and took arrows in the back for.  The most engaging instructor in the business.  Everyone should take at least one course from him.

Michael Bane — You want intelligent commentary on what’s going on in the gun and related political world, from a polymath who’s been involved in most aspects of it and who has some of the highest rated gun-related shows on the tube?  Dis is dat guy!

Mike Conti — Mike was the head firearms instructor for the Massachusetts State Police, where he incorporated Applegate-style target-focused shooting and put troopers through a re-creation of Applegate’s famous House of Horrors.  He’s also branched out into fiction with a novel about Jelly Bryce.  A forward thinker with respect for the greats of the past.

Marcus Wynne — Marcus is a pioneer in the application of neuroscience to performance enhancement, a former lead firearms instructor for a major federal agency, and someone who’s been part of the global counter-terrorist community for over 20 years.  These days he heads up a small defense contractor focused on performance enhancement and continues to write his award-winning novels.  He’s also a bon vivant, raconteur, and crotchety geezer-in-the-making.

Michael de Bethencourt – Combining the showmanship of the former carney that he is with the dead seriousness with which he takes the subject, Michael is the leading authority on all things snub revolver-related: gear, technique and tactics.

Nick Hughes — Way beyond martial arts.  Flying beneath the radar, Nick is the guy that the guys you’re heard of go to to learn street fighting.  Brutal, effective, yet legally constrained.  Simple but not simplistic.  From the guy that used to teach fighting to the French Foreign Legion.

SPDtool — “Tools you don’t need for guns you don’t have” is owner Scott Conti’s motto.  Actually the SPD field tool is necessary of you own a SIG pistol or a S&W revolver, and the Range Rod is an improved, authorized, updated version of a classic tool that everyone should have in their range bag.  Plus other stuff. — This is the forum started by Todd Green, the guy who’s done more than anyone to promote AIWB carry and techniques.  This is the best handgun-related forum on the web; probably 90+% of the posts are smart, thoughtful and useful.  The shooting ability of almost all the posters is way above my own.

Tactical Professor — Claude Werner is probably the best analyst in the firearms business.  He was the former head instructor at the Rogers School so he can shoot some, a director of research at a big 4 accounting firm so he can not only spell “regressions” he can  do them, and a military officer so he knows something about strategy and tactics.

Tom Givens / Rangemaster – There’s lots of really good trainers out there, but Tom has been at it for a long time and has had, as of this writing, dozens of students involved in a defensive gunfight, and every one that had a gun with them prevailed!  Tom is doing something right.  No relation, apparently, to Raylan.

XS Sights — Combat sights, pure and simple.  The best of their kind.


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